From Mobirise to Wordpress

This plugin makes importing your Mobirise pages to Wordpress easy. YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps and Google Fonts cookies are automatically blocked after the import due to the GDPR.

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To protect your personal data, your connection to Vimeo has been blocked.

Click on the Play Button to reload the Video. Cookies are set by Vimeo.

More about the Cookies in the Privacy Policy from Vimeo and the Privacy Policy on this page.

What does the plugin do!

This Wordpress plugin imports static Mobirise pages into Wordpress. YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps and Google Fonts cookies are automatically blocked after the import. No Wordpress Page Builders are necessary. All edits are made directly in Mobirise. Afterwards, your website can immediately be reimported to Wordpress.  

Static not dynamic

You will create your website (and all edits) in Mobirise. Afterwards, you will be able to import your site to Wordpress within seconds.

Cookies are blocked

JPG, PNG, GIF image with a data privacy reminder will automatically be placed in front of Youtube and Vimeo videos as well as G-Maps.

Google Fonts will be blocked

When importing Mobirise Pages to Wordpress, Google Fonts will automatically be blocked. No further actions are required.

Including Translation Files

The Translation File is ready to be translated (English and German are already available).

Wordpress 5.0 + ready

Compatible with Wordpress 5.0 + and Gutenberg. We have tested it and it works perfectly.


Poster pack as well as German and English video tutorials show you how to use the plugin step by step.

Reach your goal in three small steps


Create your
Mobirise page


Zip the
assets folder


Copy the source code
of index.html


No, there are no hidden upsales. The plugin is only available with the Developer licence. You may acquire a Whitelabel licence by request.

No, a multisite support is not intended.

Yes, this licence code is delivered alongside the Digistore24 confirmation mail.

Yes, you may acquire the developer licence and thus use the plugin on any of your websites.

All updates can be installed directly via the Wordpress Backend.

Yes, adjust the maximum file size for uploads to 50MB for larger Mobirise pages. Ensure that the Wordpress Uploads folder is not secured by a .htaccess file. Compress your JPG, PNG, GIF images to retain page speed. The loading time for Mobirise pages is usually less than 1 seconds.

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